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Welcome to the Wolcott, VT, United Methodist Church. Unfortunately, due to the uptick in covid-19 cases during the past few weeks, we have decided to suspend live worship once again. Worship will continue to be available via zoom every week, however, and the link can be found here on the front page of the website every Sunday morning. The service is also posted so that you can follow along and participate if you wish. Following the service, Pastor's Mike's sermon will be posted, as well. We welcome you to join us on Sunday mornings whether or not you are a regular part of our congregation.

Please watch for updated information regarding re-opening the church for live worship. We are tentatively planning to re-open for Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2021. We will continue to provide worship via zoom, as well.

4023 VT Route 15 , Wolcott , VT 05680
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A building image

The United Methodist Church

Altar decorated for Easter 2021

Front door prepared for Palm Sunday 2021

Giving out Food at Our Weekly Food Distribution

Receiving the check

Barbara Miller receives check and backs (on the floor)

Black Lives Matter

About 15 people gathered at the church on Wednesday, June 10, at 3:30 near the Rev. George S. Brown Historic Roadside Marker to protest racism in America.

Black Lives Matter

Another view of the protest.

Black History Month Celebrated with African Dinner and African Dances by Ballet Wolcott

Our African dinner and dances by Ballet Wolcott were thoroughly enjoyed by all,
along with the presentation on Geo.S. Brown's ministry and missionary work in Africa.

Welcome to the Wolcott United Methodist Church

We are a small, but faithful congregation of diverse individuals, struggling to do our best to live out our faith in Jesus Christ.  We would love to have you join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30am.  

Historic Site Marker

As far as can be determined, the WUMC is the only white United Methodist church in the country to be organized by an African American - the Rev. George S. Brown - in 1855.  It was designated an official Historic Site of the UMC in 2008.

Sketch of the Rev. George S. Brown

This is a sketch (the only image that has been identified to date) of the Rev. George S. Brown, drawn by Henry Mack of Hardwick (who was probably about 13/14 years old at the time.)  You can view a video about Rev. Brown's ministry at http://www.mychamplainvalley.com/news/hidden-history-reverend-george-s-brown/648629943.

Church with Historic Roadside Marker

Rev. Brown oversaw the construction of the church building in 1856.  If you would like to visit the church and learn more about Geo. S. Brown, please contact Rev. Pat Thompson at 888-2185 or pajt8817@aol.com

Vermont Historic Roadside Marker

In 2010 a State of Vermont Historic Roadside Marker was installed to honor the Rev. George S. Brown.  PLEASE NOTE: The newly repaired marker has just been reinstalled this week and is available for viewing once again..  Thank you for your patience. 

WUMC Approved for State Register of Historic Sites

In October, the Wolcott UMC was officially approved to be listed on the State Register of Historic Sites, another step in our process to honor our founder, the Rev. George S. Brown.

Black Lives Matter

Another view of the protest!

Service and Pastor Mike's Message for the 6th Sunday of Easter, Mother's Day, May 9, 2021 at 10:00am

posted on May 09

Click on the Link Above to see the Service 

for Sunday, Sunday, May 9, 2021  6th Sunday of Easter
Mother's Day
We welcome parishioners from Binghamville
who may also be sharing this service with us, as well.

News & More

Church Restoration Project

posted on April 24

Church Restoration Project

UPDATE:   Phase Seven of our Historic Restoration Project has now been completed.   Phase Seven included removing the old clapboards at the top of the building on the east and west sides and the front, blowing insulation into the walls and covering with tyvek, and replacing the old clapboards with new pre-primed spruce clapboards.    Thank you to those of you who made donations during this phase of the project.  The funding for this particular phase was made possible, in part, by a Preservation Grant, made possible by a partnership between the Freeman Foundation and the Preservation Trust of Vermont.  We are very grateful to the Preservation Trust and the Freeman Foundation for their support of our historic restoration project.

Phase Eight will be the painting of the exterior of the building which we hope will take place sometime in June.  We are currently waiting for  an estimate of the cost of this phase.   If you would like to help, you can send a check the WUMC, PO Box 94, Wolcott, VT 05680 or go to the "Giving" Tab on this website.  We greatly appreciate all of the support which we have received for this very special project over the past 3 three years.

Phase Six of our Historic Restoration Project was completed in the late fall of 2020.  Phase Six involved removing the clapboards on the front and side corners of the exterior of the building so that the front wall and sides can be insulated about 8 feet up.  Currently, there is little to no insulation in the front or side walls so that the hallway is very cold and we have experienced freezing pipes in the bathroom during the past two winters.  Once the wall is insulated it will be covered with new clapboards.  We hope that this will be the next-to-last phase before completion of the painting of the exterior and repair of the outer walls under the eaves which we will hope to complete during 2021.   

Phase Five of our Historic Restoration Project has now been completed .  Our kitchen cabinets, sink, and countertops have been installed.  Over the winter we insulated the outside walls of the fellowship hall and sheetrocked and painted the walls a light cream color which will make the entire hall much lighter and more inviting.  The front hall has been repainted and the finishing touches have been put on the kitchen and the fellowship hall.  Once we can open the church to the public once again, it is our plan to open up use of these rooms to anyone in the community who needs a place for meetings, events such as birthday parties, baby or wedding showers, or whatever is needed.  

Phase Four - closing in the front wall of the Fellowship Hall, adding a wider, handicapped accessible door and painting the floor in the Hall so that we can once again use the hall for events-is now nearly completed with the exception of some finish work.  We held our first event in a year-and-a half when we hosted racism training for clergy and laity from the Vermont District.

We have now completed Phase Three of our Historic Restoration Project.  We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our Restoration Project to date.   As a result of your support we have a new handicapped accessible entrance ramp and have been able to completely repair the back wall so that we will have no more worries re:  water infiltration into the foundation.  There is still a need to finish the entrance, floor, and kitchen and we will be working on that in the months to come.  We could not have come this far without your support and are praying that you will continue to support us as move forward to Phase Four - completing the front interior wall of the fellowship hall along with enlarging the doorway as well as painting the floor.  Once this is done, we will have use of the hall once again.

Week 26 saw the completion on our handicapped bathroom!  We now have a fully functional bathroom once again - much larger and more pleasant than our previous one.

Week 23 ended with more plumbing work being completed on our handicapped bathroom.  An additional wall needed to be added to accommodate the required grab bars, so we will now also have a small closet in the bathroom, as well.  And the door also needed to be moved.   We have received a number of donations in memory of Linda Clark, who died very unexpectedly on August 6 and who was one of our most active members and an avid supporter of the historic restoration project.  

Week 18 of our historic restoration project saw work beginning on our handicapped bathroom.  The framing of the room has been completed.  We now need to choose flooring for the bathroom before we can move forward.  It is our current goal to be able to install the bathroom prior to winter.  We are presently about $6,000 short of having enough funds to meet this goal. 

Week 17 saw the pouring of the concrete slab, completing Phase One.  Our next step is to finish raising funds for our handicapped bathroom.  Many thanks again for all of you who have supported our Historic Restoration Project. 

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