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Welcome to the Wolcott, VT, United Methodist Church. Beginning with our Ash Wednesday Service on Wednesday, March 2, at 6:00PM, all of our services will be held both -in-person at the church and via zoom. Please feel free to join us in-person or online for any of these services. Our regular Sunday morning service is at 10:00am.

4023 VT Route 15 , Wolcott , VT 05680
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The United Methodist Church

Church Restoration Project

When our church building was constructed in 1855, it was built up against a ledge, over which a great deal of water flows when the snows melt in the spring, and when there is a heavy rain.  This water drains into the foundation and causes the sills and the floor joists to rot.  Though various "fixes" have been tried over the years, no permanent solution has been found and moisture continues to cause mold and rot in the foundation.  Our congregation has determined that due to the historical significance of this building - that is, being the only white United Methodist church in the country - that we want to do all that we can to restore the church building.

After having a consultant come from the Preservation Trust of Vermont, to do an initial assessment, we voted to move forward to hire a carpenter to take up the floor in the kitchen and most of the dining room (keeping a path open to the bathroom and the storage closet) and then to hire an engineer to come in and assess the damage and develop specifications for the repairs.

During the past two weeks, a storage shed has been installed oIn the middle of September we received our report from Chris Temple with specifications and plans for replacing the existing foundation with either a concrete slab on grade or a pressure-treated wood frame floor.  We have received an estimate of about $114,000 to complete the slab on grade option which is currently preferred by most of the church Trustees.

On Monday, August 14, Chris Temple from DeWolfe Engineering, came and assessed the damages, took necessary measurements, and is currently in the process of developing recommendations for needed repairs and possible permanent solutions to the water damage problem.

We have installed a vapor barrier over the dirt floor to keep as much of the cold and moisture out as possible during these cold winter months.n the property and everything that we plan to keep has been moved into the shed.  Our carpenter, Walter Dailey and his crew have taken up the floors and removed cabinets in the kitchen necessary to assess the damages. 

We are scheduled to begin construction on Monday, April 2nd.


Wolcott United Methodist Church

(802) 851-2031